Who is Ignition Point?

Ignition Point is a marketing, graphic design and strategic business consulting agency.
When it was established in 2008, it was a fusion of the design, creative and production skills of Matthew Buchanan with the marketing, strategy and management skills of Kate Kinnaird.

But as with all thriving business, it’s evolved beyond the principals and into so much more.
Ignition Point provides an unrivalled opportunity to engage an expert team to manage any communication challenge.

Bringing the benefit of big company experience to the personalised approach of a boutique agency, we pride ourselves on o ering specialised expertise coupled with personal contact.
Our focus is quality of clients, not quantity of work. And we apply the same principles to every project however larger or small –

a commitment to understand your company, your product and your market in order to help you reach your goals.
We don’t specialise in certain industries or particular mediums, but we believe that a healthy cross-pollination of inspiration, and exposure to di erent processes lead to new and interesting ideas.



Who says a leopard can’t change its spots? Change, adapt, disrupt and manage!
Change will be embraced or rejected depending on your ability to communicate the rationale, anticipate the responses and address potential challenges ahead of time. We understand the process of e ective change management.

And change is inevitable

  • the market is changing
  • your competitors are creeping
  • technology must be integrated, and
  • you can not stay inert.

Will you manage change or will it mange you?

  • undergo a strategic review of future options
  • map out transitions
  • understand the process
  • think outside the box, and
  • simply communicate the process; internally and externally.

Ignition Point thinks strategically about these decisions, not just creatively:

  • rebranding; sends a powerful message about your renewed direction
  • improved brochures and websites; need to be integrated
  • promote and leverage your new vigour; market, research and re-assess



Creativity is the new economy
When establishing a new business, launching a new product or developing a new idea – structured evaluation and creative input is paramount.
Creativity is not just about how something looks, it’s about the process that makes it successful.

Creativity is more than just a spark – it’s the perspiration that turns it into a light
We bring the experience and confidence to turn an idea into a reality. We work with and compliment your trade skills, product and industry knowledge.
We turn the “what if’s” into “how to’s”

Great creativity is upli ing, but not just hot air
Dare to dream, and ensure you work with an agency that understands all aspects of creativity

  • not just a name or a logo, but a brand and an attitude
  • pictures that tell more than a thousand words – images that explain and improve
  • packaging and collateral that improve the user experience, not just generate sales
  • integration with technology, that is both clever and useful



A moment lasts a second, but a memory lives on forever
Consistency and cohesion across multiple marketing channels is essential to memorable marketing communications. We build the plan, create the campaign and develop the pieces to deliver the results.

First impressions count. One size does not fill all. Avoid Clichés like the plague.
In a fast-moving, competitive, saturated market, you need to get the message right. A successful communication strategy has a unified complementary message, in very di erent formats, but with a consistent tone.
But the most important aspect is to have something to say, creatively. We assist with the cra ing of your marketing strategy; production and deployment; tracking, measuring and reporting.

The art of communication is the language of leadership
Ignition Point can weave your story into meaningful and engaging campaigns

  • websites, social media and electronic direct mail campaigns (EDM)
  • integrated event management, launches and presentations
  • brochures, manuals or fact sheets that do the talking for you
  • advertising, marketing and business plans

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